Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Woman's Prerogative......

My Sweetie was in Seattle earlier this week on business. He called me and gave me a budget number and asked if I could get the living room furniture I want with that and if I would be happy with that as a birthday present. Well, yeah! So I immediately thought: Forget Scarborough Fair, I want to go furniture shopping on Saturday! Then every time I watched the weather forecast all week, it would drop a few degrees for Saturday. It magically dwindled from 77° to 74° to 72° to 69° and always sunny.
And of course I would think: But that sounds like such nice weather to be outside at Scarborough Fair. On the other hand, since I had decided to ditch that, I had added the $100 we would spend there to the furniture budget. Because that's how I roll.
Then Wednesday afternoon I went to the grocery store after my physical therapy and as I'm walking around, that creepy saleslady voice came on the sound system. She freaks me out because she always starts out with, "Hi ya'll, it's Kathy Yates and...." And she always says it like we are all old friends and she's being really really helpful. She usually says stuff like, "Hi ya'll, it's Kathy Yates. Are you ready for Easter/Christmas/Superbowl Sunday/The Fourth? Right now we have ham/turkey/party platters/hot dogs on special!" But this time when she came on she talked about Scarborough Fair and said they had discount tickets.
Synchronicity! My brain was all: Is this a message from the universe that I should go to Scarborough Fair instead of furniture shopping? Logic interceded and I realized that the saleslady voice in the grocery store was not the universe speaking to me. I have obviously watched too many goofy romantic comedies.
Oh yeah, so what I was going to say was that I changed my mind about the renaissance festival and am going furniture shopping instead. It's my birthday and I can change my mind. I really really want new furnure.


VioletSky said...

but, but, couldn't you do both? the furniture will be there far longer than the fair.
then again, I'm always wanting it all.

geewits said...

~~The fair runs through Memorial Day (May 28). Of course it will just get hotter here. But, you have to wait for furniture to be delivered, so I'd rather go out and find it asap.

Anonymous said...

There'll be another renaissance fair next year.

I want to see that furniture.