Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beware Cats Bearing Gifts

I apparently walked right by that huge lizard a few times before I noticed it. It was in the hallway near my bedroom door. I didn't see it until I was walking out with the sheets to wash. Then I shrieked and ran back into the room. I was panicky and called my husband and told him I was trapped in the bedroom. He laughed.
I got the golf club and the cat gate and used those to shore myself up to get by the lizard and then I went outside and called my neighbor. I was really freaking out. You would think I had a velociraptor in my house. I felt like I had a velociraptor in my house.
Carole came over, cool as a cucumber. I handed her a large plastic storage bin and a broom and she swept that creepy thing into the bin. I shakily handed her the lid and she popped it on. She could tell it was injured and felt sorry for it and I was just: GET. IT. OUT.
It's pretty obvious that the only way it could have gotten in the house was through the pet door in Barney's mouth. I guess he brought it to me as a gift. No thank you, Barney.
But thank you Carole. A lot!


mrwriteon said...

Aw, poor lizard. I actually kind of like them -- especially geckos.

geewits said...

~She took it outside and checked on it later and it was gone, so he was still alive. I have no problem with anoles and geckos, but the Texas Spiny lizard is another matter.

haphazardlife said...

Poor lizard... Hey, I'd love a pet these days, so maybe you can send the next one my way. ;-)

geewits said...

~~I do not think you'd want a Texas Spiny lizard for a pet. We do not want Barney to harm any lizards but I do not want a Texas Spiny Lizard in my house.

Carole said...

Gee, That's me - velociraptor wrangler! :D
If you ever ask me to catch a spider, I'll probably bring it home with me and stick it in the garden.

VioletSky said...

Now I am curious - I googled Texas Spiny Lizard and apparently they are 'awesome' creatures and 'make an ideal choice for a small pet lizard. So I'm wondering why you think you shouldn't send one up to Jazz?