Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Post Is Not About Baseball

Yes it looks like this post is about baseball, but I am just creating a diversion. It's about photography. I am not, nor have ever considered myself to be any type of a photographer. I took one great picture in the early 90's of my daughter and second husband in a park with the St. Louis Arch in the background. It was a really good. I had an 11" by 18" print made and it was in our living room. I gave it to him.
I believe this is my second best picture. Or maybe it ties with that other one. I think the definition of a good photograph is how much time you spend looking at it. I love a picture that makes you feel or think. When I look at this one I see all the tension. This photo is of a highly publicized BIG MONEY PITCHER throwing his first pitch of the season. I love the implied action, the tension, the colors. I think I did pretty well.


haphazardlife said...

You did do pretty well. Although I really don't get baseball.

Carole said...

Gee, I think this is a great shot! Seeing this, I am sitting right there with you! You definitely captured all the action & excitement!

lgsquirrel said...

That is a very well composed photo. Professional level.

Gnightgirl said...

They (whoever "they" are) should use this for postcards or posters.

geewits said...

~~Dad was a little league coach so I was learning baseball as I was learning to read and write.

Thanks Carole, LGS and Lori! I was snapping like mad trying to catch that first pitch and I got lucky.

Jocelyn said...

I think you did GREAT.

Why is it that all I can think about, with every single one of your posts, is drinking beer, though?