Monday, September 19, 2011

Officials say beaver teeth are 7 million years old

Okay, so maybe this could be construed as false advertising, but since I'm not selling anything, I don't think it counts. Although I do like the idea of beavers being 7 million years old, this blog is not about really old beavers, it's about me. (Ha Ha! Insert horrid dirty joke here) Wait, I did not mean to go there. Seriously I did not. This is what happens when I have too many "Out Days."
I had FIVE out days in a row. This is very unusual for me and also very tiresome. I do not like to go out five days in a row. I understand all you normal people reading this are rolling your eyes and asking yourself, "Huh?" But I like my IN days. I like them a LOT.
Granted, I enjoyed most of them: Rangers baseball game, horse races, my Friday Meals on Wheels day out and Sunday visit with the in-laws for my MIL's birthday were nice, but I am all done in and want to be IN. I'd ideally like to stay in for maybe 10 days, but that's not going to happen. At least all day today I will have an in day and I will relish it.
And now because I am yawning like a mad man, I will go to sleep and dream of in days with really old beaver teeth. Really? Beavers have been around for 7 million years? I'm surprised there are still any trees.


Anonymous said...

7 million years? Huh...
Who knew.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like teeth lasted longer before there were dentists. Sleep well and come out charging for more Out days!

Jocelyn said...

I am quite maturely refraining from "old beaver" jokes here--at least in this typing. I'm going wild in my head.

May you have a passle of IN days now, for quite some time. Get restored.

geewits said...

~~Imagine going back in time 7 million years expecting crazy dinosaurs and running into a beaver.

~~Are there beaver dentists?

~~"Passle" - now there's a word you rarely run across. I love it!