Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Annual Ritual

On Monday I did the horrid annual ritual of pulling out all my jeans to see if they still fit. I do this every year. I haven't worn jeans since my New York trip in April. I always think I won't be able to get into them. I was lucky this year. I haven't been lucky every year. Same thing happens every spring with my shorts: Will they still fit? I believe I've gained about 6 pounds over the summer because it's always too hot to move. Which sucks because I certainly have no use for 6 extra pounds. But the jeans fit fine, so I guess the 6 pounds is probably all over my head.
It's funny how they always ask on these weight loss TV shows, "Why do you want to lose weight?" And the answer is always something intelligent sounding like: Diabetes runs in my family. Or: My blood pressure has gone up and I'm out of breath. But if anyone asked me why I would like to lose weight, my answer would sound so NOT intelligent and actually rather shallow: My head looks fat in photographs. The truth is, I am quite limber and don't get out of breath, I just have a fat head.
My Sweetie has school on Monday and Wednesday nights so I'm thinking about taking a Zumba class on those nights. My daughter wanted us to take belly dancing together but I don't think there is a class that fits her schedule. Maybe she can Zumba with me on Mondays. I just need to do something about my big fat head. At least my jeans still fit. Good thing I don't wear hats.


Anonymous said...

Will Zumba make your head skinny?

Anonymous said...

Vanity is an excellent motivator. I know it works for me.

VioletSky said...

being a fathead might be the most unusual excuse for losing weight.
I have done belly dance (it probably won't do anything for your fat head). I found it extremely difficult. had no idea just how unco-ordinated I really was.

geewits said...

~~Always with the good questions you are.

~~You probably thought this post was about you.

~~I have already done belly dance for several years. After all the years of ballet, I thought belly dance was easy - except for the zils. I really suck at zils.