Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's A Girl!

Timber the bobcat is a female. She had kittens. She had kittens in the backyard, four houses down on my street. That neighbor believes they were born under her deck. We're guessing Timber went off to forage and the babies decided to come out and play. That lady was a little freaked out. I don't know that neighbor, but she called Carole. I am hoping some pictures will get passed my way. I've never seen baby bobkittens. If they are still there tomorrow, I may try to go down and see them. If not, hopefully I will get pictures to share.


VioletSky said...

and no-one called some sort of wildlife rescue service on Timber? I hope you gets pics, I've never seen a bobcat/bobkitten, either.

haphazardlife said...


But they'll have to relocate her - there must be some wildlife rescue service in your area. Oh, look V already said that.

Lo said...

Bobkittens! I wanna see Bobkittens!!!

geewits said...

V and Jazz,
~~When Timber first showed up, several people called animal control and they said the bobcats live here and people should leave them alone. Kittens in the backyard may be a different story and the lady was going to call animal control. I should find out more today after I talk to Carole. Bobcats, possums, raccoons are considered indigenous creatures and we are supposed to let them be.

~~Me too!!