Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crazy Maragarita

I ordered the Dos Equis Margarita because a bartender years ago told me the secret to a smooth margarita was to add beer. I had no idea they put the whole bottle in there. Literally. But man, is it delicious.


lgsquirrel said...

Interesting. Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

VioletSky said...

I could have used that dos xx for my photo post yesterday... the margarita would have been a bonus.

haphazardlife said...

Beer in a margarita. I don't see how that could work for me, but I'd be willing to try!

- Lil

Mr. Jazz said...

I'll give it a try but I like both beverages on their own :-)

geewits said...

~~It really is.

~~And it's tasty!

~~I think you'd like it.

Mr. Jazz,
~~After sipping the drink down a bit you can carefully lift out the bottle, which I do, but I keep adding more as I go.