Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Beach Trip of 2011 (May 20-27)

I took this picture of my daughter and her husband at the rental car place after we landed in Raleigh/Durham on Friday afternoon:

My daughter made me some French braids that Saturday:

On Sunday we went into Wilmington to go to The Riverwalk and had lunch at The George:

I love how the guys look so cool on The Riverwalk:

My son-in-law and I played a game of foosball at a very hot bar:

And no it wasn't "hot" as in "happening," it was freaking hot as hell in there.

This next picture shows some of our fancy chalkwork:

On Monday, we all went down to volley a ball around and I sucked so bad at it, I designated myself "photographer":

This is Loretta and me on Tuesday just before she left:

A ball and a beer. That's all you really need at the beach:

My daughter, brother and I had a little afternoon excursion on Wednesday and I got this great picture of my big brother:

On Thursday, my daughter interrupted my beer pong game so I could take this picture:

My brother and I were playing beer pong against his sons:

My nephew (the one above in the grey shirt) took this rather artsy shadowplay picture of me making one of my many futile attempts:

It was a great week. We had great food. We played team Trivial Pursuit (I won one game with my youngest nephew as partner). We frolicked, we sang, we picked up beach rocks, we looked at the stars, we looked at the moon. The moon rose deep red two nights just over the pier and it was awesome (in the true sense of the word). We saw sunrises and sunsets. We watched silly videos on youtube and laughed about them all day. And we all made plans to do it all over again next year. I can't wait!


haphazardlife said...

Oh wow. Sounds like an amazing week! I would've been on that pier every day. I love piers for some reason.

- Jazz

Lo said...

Good times were had by all! Thanks again for having me!!!

Carole said...

Hey Gee, Looks like everybody had a great time! :D You look really cute in French braids. And one other thing I noticed about your blog beginning Wednesday, April 6th; you began to put your sweetie's picture in without Cary Grant making an appearance too. That is new! I noticed it back then and meant to comment, and never got 'aroundtoit' till now.

VioletSky said...

This is what family holidays should be like - full of fun and frivolity.

I wouldn't know.

geewits said...

~~I didn't go on the pier this year, but I love the gold and silver lights on it that reflect across the water at night.

~~You have a permanent invitation.

~~Yeah, I guess after all this time, he realized it was okay.

~~It wasn't always this way. I guess we just all happened to be on the same wavelengths recently. It actually feels like a new thing to me. I'm sorry you don't have that because I know what that's like.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like a FABULOUS Time....It is wonderful that you all get along so well...It isn't always the case---especially on a trip.

emerrube said...

looks like a great time!