Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yikes I've Been Busy

One of the reasons I blog is to keep a record because I don't write stuff down in a journal. My Sweetie said to me today, "You haven't posted in a while." I replied, "I got nothing to say." That's not really true. I was just being flip.
On Thursday my daughter and I went to the country club to go over some questions we had. The girl who had been so awesomely sweet when we met with her before was not so much this time. She kinda killed my buzz. I realize that there was an event going on at the time but it was like she was a different person. That's a huge turn off for me. I want people to be consistent. Yeah I know there wouldn't be words like "moods" and uhm, other words like that if people didn't get wiggity and jiggity sometimes, but isn't that what she's paid to do? Be all chipper and stuff? When I was paid to be all chipper and stuff, you can bet your last twenty I was cheerful and helpful and all kinds of that.
Other than that girl being Betty Buzzkill, it was a good meeting. We found out that one of the foods was not what we thought and changed that out and got to go over the layout of everything. They had actually done some remodeling and the set-up will be better than we were originally told. That was nice. Then my daughter was presented with the bill and she got a bit moody herself.
So we stopped at a bar after that to unwind before we headed to to the tailor shop. That part cheered us up because it was the first time my daughter had the wedding dress on and it wasn't just a pile of material on the floor. That lady is really good. If you live in the east side of Tarrant county go to the tailor shop in Bedford at Harwood and Central.
Saturday My Sweetie and I went to the optical place to pick out new glasses for him. Wow! He's going to be so cute! He gets the ones that turn into shades in the sun, so we have to wait a week. Then we went to the suit store and got him a suit and shirt and tie that will go really well with my dress. The shirt and tie I mean. The suit will go with anything.
After that we went to the Hobby Lobby and I found some cool stuff including the pearl pins that I will need to to make the bouquet. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I'm going to make the bouquet. It will be easy after watching this video:


lgsquirrel said...

Sounds like you are having too much excitement for blogging regularly. We understand. May the force be with you as you overcome Betty Buzzkill.

haphazardlife said...

Yeah I know there wouldn't be words like "moods" and uhm, other words like that if people didn't get wiggity and jiggity sometimes,

Damn, I love that sentence!


Big Brother said...

Maybe she forgot her happy pills that morning..;o)

geewits said...

~~Thanks! And who knows what she'll be like next time?

~~You rock! You totally made my day.

~~If so, I hope she finds them.

Carole said...

Hey, at least I'll get to comment once from the hotel here in Maryland! Last leg of the trip & ready to be home.

I love the "how to" videos" on the internet. Been priceless in learning how to knit. And I'm sure people have gotten help from your postings on how to do different projects too. Looking forward to the wedding! Right around the corner now!

Lo said...

Very cool and easy!!! Can't wait to see it!!!

geewits said...

~~You're the one that told me about the "how to..." videos. Can't wait til you get home!

~~You don't have too long to wait!

Scarlet Ily said...

Of course, you're going to make an awesome bouquet! I expect nothing less from you, oh creative one! (The video is a great guide, btw!)

What you said about consistency...I'm with you. I always get disappointed when people who appear sweet and attentive turn on me and get snappy. I know we all have bad days, but yes, we have to suck it up when dealing with the public...especially a paying public!

The countdown is on...and it sounds like you're ready! As Bob Marley said, "Every little thing's gonna be all right."

geewits said...

~~Thanks! And thanks for putting a great song in my head. Hmmmm, maybe I should go to youtube and get the real deal.