Friday, September 17, 2010

More Wedding Stuff

Today I made the wish cards:
Cutting out all those cards was tedious even with a paper cutter. And I killed two birds with one stone with this idea:
The cobalt blue wine glasses will be part of the centerpiece design and we needed something to put in them. We also needed placecards for the tables or table cards maybe since we are not having designated seats, just designated tables. I had to scrub out the top name for this post, but you get the idea. The lighting is poor on the wine glass but it is a very pretty cobalt blue all over.
You will get to see the finished product of my tablescapes or centerpieces or whatever you call 'em after the wedding.
My daughter came over this evening to see my ideas and as usual she was fine with everything. Then we started doing our head count and table assignments. We ended up with 9 tables not counting the wedding party table. The tables hold eight. I only knew enough people to assign three tables and Kate had to figure out the other 6. We'll get the seating chart for 9 tables next week and figure out the placement. I know who I want away from me and who I want near me. We named one table (for ourselves I mean, not for the placecard!) "The Baby Table" and that table will be as far from me as possible.
I'm hoping there will be four tables at the front. And by front I mean by the wedding party table. Because there are three different parents' tables and I do not want to sit near them. I want to put the cool young people between my table and theirs. But if there are only three I'll put my ex next to me and put the groom's folks on the other side. I'll be in the front corner near "stage left" if you consider the bridal party's table the stage. Behind me will be other family and friends of mine and some leftover older dude. I'm also putting my second husband there because he's a nice fella and my friends and SIL will be nice to him.
My table will have my husband's parents, Mom, my brother, Lo and her boyfriend, and My Sweetie and me.
On Tuesday we are going by the wedding chapel. My daughter has to pay them the final amount and I want to see the place. On Thursday we are going back to the country club for the seating chart and to go over some questions we have. 23 Days until the wedding. 19 days until my best friend Lo from N.C. arrives. 20 days until Mom and my brother arrive. That's not a lot of days, but I think I'm ready. I need a beer.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So many small and large details...Until you've "done" a Wedding, you just don't know. It sounds like you've got it all figured out and under control though....! And it is coming up fast now, isn't it?

haphazardlife said...

You're ready. Now enjoy.

Mr. Jazz said...

Sounds like a broadway production. Having a beer is a great decision. Speaking of which, what kind of libations will be served?

Big Brother said...

Definitely a beer time.

Scarlet Ily said...

Sounds like you have everything under control. It sounds like it's going to be a beautiful, enjoyable evening. You must all be so excited!!

geewits said...

~~Yes, fast! How did it get here so quickly?

~~Very close, but a few details remain.

Mr. Jazz,
~~No one volunteered to pay for open bar, so beyond the requisite champagne it will be the cash bar of the country club. I know some people consider that tacky but it's better than no alcohol and of course water, tea and coffee (and that champagne) are available. I myself prefer a cash bar at events so I have my choice.

~~No kidding.

~~The wedding is at 1:00 and the reception will be over at 5:00 or 6:00, so actually it's more of a laid back fun Sunday afternoon. The evening will be enjoyable though because My Sweetie and I will be going out to dinner with my out of town friends and family - just the six of us, and in our casual clothes. That will be fun.

Scarlet Ily said...

A full day of celebration and fun! I'm excited for you...and your daughter!!

geewits said...