Friday, September 10, 2010

My WTF Week

What a crazy week! First the flooding. I saw pics on the news today of cars floating down streams, and also, after pics of cars up on sidewalks. And Wednesday I saw a crazy rescue of people from an apartment building that involved crossing over horizontal ladders from rooftop to rooftop and then another ladder down onto a firetruck.

The second WTf was, of course, watching all those tornados live on TV. If you are new here, you need to read the post just before this one.
My third WTF was this (Thursday) morning. Actually it started Wednesday during tornado time. My neighbor dude who has not spoken to me since his wife bitched me out for having to pay my cat's vet bill when their cat ripped up my cat, showed up at my door while I was tornado watching. He told me that a guy was going to come over to replace two posts on the fence between our houses. Well, the posts are on my side of the fence so I was all sure, sure, my gate will be open. I just wanted to get back to tornado TV. When I woke up the fence post guy was parked right in front of my mailbox. That always annoys the hell out of me, but probably not half as much as it annoys the mailman. Then I went to peek out the side window and saw a doofy guy slowly pounding the fence with a sledgehammer. I thought, "Who the F did he hire?" Finally the one guy moved his truck and they seemed to be doing decent work, but they left with one perfect post and one post that was only partially filled:

So there's like 4 or 5 inches left in the hole. Are they going to come back with more cement? WTF?

The last one was I got a package today for my daughter. If you remember, we used my return address and mailing address for the wedding invites and R.S.V.P.s because my daughter "lives in an apartment" and doesn't "really check her mail" because she does everything online. So I got this package and sent her a text: You got a wedding gift from "the Taylors." She texted back: Who are the Taylors? I texted: That's your dad's cousin "Elizabeth." Then I was all WTF? I was married to this guy for only 4 years and she's been his daughter for 26 years. Why did I know who it was and she didn't? And she's the one who had the list and addressed everything. All I did was print the things and tie the bows. WTF?

So that was my WTF week. I hope my weekend is mellow and someone fills in that hole.


haphazardlife said...

I like your WTF weeks. You make them so funny.

geewits said...

~~Thanks, I wish they were funny at the time.