Saturday, May 27, 2006

Snowmen and Carrots

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a week. Let's see....

Meals on Wheels Wednesday: My daughter Kate drove me and we spent the whole afternoon together, ending up at the hair salon, where she got her first cut in ages (she has VERY long hair) and I got a fresh new color. We changed the formula and I am VERY happy with the new shade. Then My Sweetie and I went out to eat at Pasado's (Pasados?) I love some good Mexican food. Back to MOW: about 3 weeks ago I lost my trailer park people to another route - and this happened AFTER they finally fixed the roads there. I didn't think too much of it, but this past Wednesday, my two original ladies that I've had since day one were not on my route sheet. I suppose they may have both had cancellations on the same day, but if they are not on my list this Wednesday someone has some 'splainin' to do. After we moved here in 2001, the only reason I stayed with that route was for those two ladies. If they are off my route, then I'm going to request a route on this side of the world.

Mini Movie Reviews: I finally saw The Green Mile. It was excellent. I love it when someone does something well with a Stephen King book (story or whatever). We also saw A History of Violence. It was a good movie and it was wonderful to see Viggo being so NOT Aragorn. He really does become his characters. It is amazing to watch.

The Office: Because of my social phobia and anxiety problems, I have pretty much avoided meeting anyone from My Sweetie's business. Well I decided to buck up and attend a baseball game Thursday night. One of their vendors got a suite and it was really fun. There were a bunch of people there and I finally got to meet My Sweetie's boss. I had agonized for over a week about what to wear, but after I got my hair done on Wednesday, I knew it didn't matter. My hair was my best accessory.

"Lost": We finally watched the 2-hour season finale tonight. It was very interesting. Like they said, it answered questions and raised new questions. But it was good.

Sunday we are going to spend the afternoon at my Mom's. I think we do this every year but we don't make a big deal out of it. That's why I can't remember if we do or not. We're going to play in the pool and have some good food. They are leaving June 1st to head back to N.C. for a month, so I want to have some quality time. Other than that, we are just going to enjoy the 3-day weekend. Yay for those!

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