Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Latest Mini Movie Reviews

Hotel Rwanda was a really good movie. I can see why it had 3 Oscar nominations and won so many other awards. Don Cheadle was killer in this and totally inhabited the character of Paul Rusesabagina. You learn a lot of what was going on in Rwanda at the time and if you don't already know what that "war" was about, it will break your heart. It was a terribly sad and depressing movie in many ways so don't watch it if you are already feeling blue. Otherwise it is great to see how one person can make a difference in such terrible circumstances. If you like to learn and are a fan of the human spirit, watch this movie.

Shopgirl, a sweet little movie written by and starring Steve Martin is a good movie if you like these kind of movies. It's another movie about the cold loneliness of L.A. life. In particular it is about a cold and lonely, wealthy man. I couldn't help but wonder if it was not somewhat autobiographical, although Martin wrote the character as a computer software mogul - not a movie star. Claire Danes' character represents the small town girl who goes to L.A. seeking a bigger life. If you like L.A. movies, Steve Martin, Claire Danes or Jason Schwartzman, you will probably like this movie.

Walk the Line was a decent movie, although not as good as I had expected. I don't know what all the hullaballo over it not getting a best picture nomination was about. Hotel Rwanda was a much better movie and IT didn't get a best picture nom either. The performances were good and it was fun seeing all the great old performers like Roy Orbison, Elvis, Waylon Jennings and Jerry Lee Lewis being portrayed so zestfully by new young actors. Also after reading the harsh criticism by one of Johnny Cash's daughters over the portrayal of their mom, I was expecting something, SOMETHING odd or over the top in Ginnifer Goodwin's portrayal of her, but I didn't see anything negative about the character at all. If you haven't seen this movie, just wait and catch it some Saturday afternoon on cable.

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Tai said...

I recently read Romeo Daillaire's account of the genocide in Rwanda ("Shake Hands with the Devil") and so understand the deep horror...I haven't yet got the courage to watch that movie.