Sunday, May 21, 2006

Elvis Has Left The Casbah

We just discovered the funky joys of TV karaoke. We have Comcast cable and we can play free karaoke on our TV. So there we are, two "mature" adults standing in front of the TV and singing along. And laughing. The funniest was My Sweetie singing "Rock the Casbah." He sounded exactly like Elvis Costello. It's a shame they don't have any Elvis Costello songs. Of course then he might sound like someone else. The weird part, though, is that you think you know every word to a song, but when the words are scrolling there in front of you it seems somehow alien. Sometimes it helps to just close your eyes.

Speaking of cable; our cable box has DVR. I've gotten so used to pausing live TV shows, that my brain seems to think I can apply this technology to everything. My front door is always open, and the outer door is a glass door. I can see my mailbox from my couch. On Fridays I look to see if the mailman is giving me a People magazine. A couple of Fridays ago, just as the mailman pulled up, Rufus jumped on Jake's back, so I had to swat him (Rufus) with some newspaper and when I looked back out the door, the mailman was gone. For just a moment, I thought I could play it back to see if the mailman put my magazine in the box. And a few times while doing Meals on Wheels, a great song will come on the radio just as I get to a client's house and I'll think, "Oooh, I love this song; I will pause it." Same with Yahoo poker. I need to stop thinking I can pause stuff.

I don't have an ending for this except my sister-in-law just called and said she was going to come by so I have to go clean the bathroom.

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Phil said...

Like your urge to pause things I often have the urge to try to open my house with my car remote key unlocker thingie.