Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Physical Therapy News

I wish I had run my hands through my hair before that picture was taken. I'm not crazy about the super short hair but I've been able to make it look decent. I was in a good mood, though.
I haven't posted about my physical therapy because I hated it. There were many aspects that irked me to bits. It's a long grouchy story and I was full of salt and vinegar (and all the grouchy stories) when I went to my doctor today (Tuesday). But he nipped it in the bud. I told him one little thing and he said, "You should go to a different physical therapist, perhaps one closer to your home." I told him I already had an appointment for an hour later and he said, "Just cancel it."
So that was it. I was all fired up with all my contained ire just dying to burst out and just like that, it was over. I felt oddly unfinished and yet quite relieved. I'm hoping I can get into one particular one. It would be ideal. I'll find out soon. That one is right by where I eat lunch on Fridays after Meals on Wheels and it would be nice to do all of that in one day.
If I can't get into the Friday one, there's another one closer to my house that I can try. I'm looking forward to going to a new physical therapist. I just dread filling out new paperwork. I hate paperwork. I mean I really hate paperwork. That right there should tell you just how much I did not care for the physical therapist I had. To him I say, "...Oh wait. I don't want to say that here. It was a bit crude.


Los Angeles chiropractor said...

There should tell you just how much care for the physical therapist I had. To him I say

Anonymous said...

Aw, you should've said it. Crude is good now and then.

geewits said...

~~It was "Adios Motherfucker!"

Anonymous said...

Aiyiyi! My little squirrel ears are burning!

Gnightgirl said...

Adios Motherfucker is right! I have a friend that will rake a doctor over the coals; I have a tendency to put up with them, but I channel her when I'm faced with one I don't care for. Why do I have to remind myself that I am paying this guy?!

Good for you. And I love the haircut; cute pic!

geewits said...


~~Doctor? I saw online today that that Physical Therapist got his degree at Devry. I was all Really?? That's nuts.

Thanks about the hair. I'm not crazy about it.

Anonymous said...

A bit of crudity cleanses the soul so harken to the words of Gnight Girl. Such things can work.

geewits said...

Ian, I did feel better!