Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Puzzle: OGA

I do puzzle books all the time. I love word puzzles and cryptograms and other various ones. Today I had a really hard puzzle. I'm usually very competitive and never give up, but this one was too hard for me.
The challenge was to form as many words as possible with OGA in them. The letters had to be in that order and together as shown, but anywhere in the word, i.e. beginning, middle, end. The puzzle writers had come up with 10. I was able to only come up with 4 before I gave up and looked up their answers. I felt pretty bad having only managed 4 words until I looked up their answers. I had written down a word that they had not! Go me! It made me feel a little better.
Give it a try. (No plurals, foreign words or proper nouns.)


VioletSky said...


Jazz said...

Did blogger eat my comment? I'm impressed with Violet! The thought of doing this hurts my brain.

Gotta love Google, apparently there are 236 words.

lgsquirrel said...

Darn it. VioletSky got all the easy ones. All I have left is "AOOOGA!" The sound the submarine makes before diving. My first thoughts were "oganic"and "ogasmic" - but oh, yes, I forgot the "r".