Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bad Wave Cycle + A Fun Road Trip

I clearly wasn't thinking clearly when I got all my hair whacked off. Which makes sense because when I become too hot, my brain does not work at peak capacity. When I met with the new physical therapist, he said I should be able to touch the top of my head soon. I was all, "Damn! If I had just waited a few more weeks, I'd still have my hair." But that's not the main issue. The main issue is I am going to go this afternoon to get a new driver's license. With this hair. A new driver's license with a new picture with this hair and not only that but I will probably have it for TEN years. The driver's license, I mean. Not the hair. And the very worst part is I am on a bad hair wave cycle.

I made a very rudimentary graph to show how curly hair grows. (I should have deleted the amplitude and displacement words but I guess I wasn't really paying attention.) The vertical green lines represent the hairline at the top of my forehead as viewed in profile. The red lines represent my hair growth cycle. My nose would be pointing out of my head in the same direction as the distance arrow.


Line 1 represents where I am now. My hair is growing straight down my face and curling back upward. Line 2 is my good wave cycle where my hair is growing upwards and curling down. I have accepted the fact that I will have a bad driver's license photo, but I still want to whine about it.


Fun News: On Saturday past, we did our goofy little road trip to Louisiana to buy Covington Strawberry Ale. It was a beautiful sunny 80° day. We left around 11:45. On one of My Sweetie's satellite radio stations they were playing Kasey Kasem's top 100 countdown from 1974. After about the first hour, it didn't even look like the Texas we know. East Texas is far greener and lusher and has pine trees, very similar to North Carolina.


We went straight to the liquor store in Shreveport and when we walked in, there was a little dolly with three cases with my name on them. Literally. Just a mile or so down that same road on the way back we stopped at another liquor store that the distributor had mentioned and got another case. I hadn't even called those people so it was a nice surprise that they had a whole case.


The whole trip took exactly 7 hours. We didn't even have to stop for lunch because I had packed roast beef sliders and strawberries and pretzels. It was a fun trip. Good company, nice scenery, good music and best of all, it was a unique experience. Oh, and now I have lots of strawberry ale. I'm drinking one right now and it is delicious.


VioletSky said...

I gave up worrying about how my hair looked after the last licence renewal. It was a spectacularly good hair day when I went for the photo (okay, straight from the hair salon) but I still looked like crap in the photo. And I think I was stopped maybe once in the five years when the cop actually looked at the licence.

Anonymous said...

Drivers licenses are like passports. There's no way they can look good, so might as well make 'em as awful as possible in protest.

PS: Cool trip.
PPS: Blogger won't let me comment with my wordpress identity.


Carole said...

Gee, I'm sure you'll look cute in your d.l. pic because you are one of the most photogenic people I know!
Also, nice hair graft, I mean hair graph! LOL

Jocelyn said...

I vote you stop trying all together in the license photo. Just put on a nutty turban and stomp in there. Smile real big.

geewits said...

~~I have to pull mine out for doctor visits and airport trips and the random nightclub.

~~What's weird is my passport photo looks almost exactly like my current driver's license. I had on the same dress!

~~Hair graft! hee hee hee

~~A turban? Only if I could make it giant like Erykah Badu.

Anonymous said...

All DL pics look terrible, as do passport photos. But I bet yours is cuter than mine, short hair or not.