Tuesday, February 21, 2012

first physical therapy today

my thumb has been achy so i'm not going to stretch my hand out doing shifting for caps. I just realized I can hit "caps lock" each time. Anyway, I discovered that i do not care for typing with one hand. my first physical therapy will be at 3:00 this afternoon. i have stopped taking all the pain meds excepy for my regular anti-inflammatory i was already taking for my thumb.
i wanted my hair up on sunday so my sweetie did it for me and it was hilarious. i can't wait to show a picture. we laughed so hard our ribs hurt. also he has been doing most the of cooking with my instructions/supervision and that has been fun.
i'm looking forward to finding out what the PT has to say. i hope i'm in good shape. i should be out of this sling on March 2nd. yay! more later.


haphazardlife said...

You go girl. Just get yourself healthy.

lgsquirrel said...

Not bad. Didn't see any typos. Get well soon.

VioletSky said...

I am confused - you use your thumb to shift for caps?? I use my pinky.

Hope the visit with the PT was all you hoped for.

geewits said...

Thanks you guys!
V, that's probably what a normal typer might do, but i was a two to four finger typist to begin with.

mrwriteon said...

You'll be back to doing all your stuff in no time.