Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Fantastic Day!

Tuesday was a really great day and I can tell you: I certainly needed one. I got up and got as ready as I could and then My Sweetie came home and helped me finished getting dressed. There are a lot of things you can't do with one hand such as: hook your bra, tie your shoes, button your jeans. Also he brought me beautiful flowers because it also happened to be Valentine's Day. It felt good just to have on real clothes.

After we got in to see the doctor, a nurse pulled off the remaining bandages from my shoulder and snipped out the stitches. The doctor was pleased with my arm and told me I could remove the cushion part of my sling. That was great! The cushion part is the big bulky thing that also has the horrid waist strap. Taking that part off made me feel like a crazy FreeBird. I was so happy.


We left the doctor's office and went for lunch at one of our favorite TexMex places. We had a terrific lunch and of course I had a Dos Equis. As we walked out, the gloom had broken and the sun was shining and it was mild and pleasant and I was so overjoyed, I looked up at the sky and beamed a "Thank you God for lifting my spirit!"


I should back up a bit here and tell you that the weather has been HORRIBLE since my surgery. My mother has the weather data of everyone she knows on her home page and she told me that one of the last few days it was colder here than in Alaska (my niece lives there.) And cold is way worse when it's always dark and gloomy.


Speaking of Mom, when My Sweetie brought me home, he went back to work, and after talking to my neighbor for a while, I called Mom. We had a long pleasant chat and I helped her with her crossword puzzle. I really enjoy things like that. It's tough seeing Mom only once or twice a year.


My Sweetie came home and we had a nice simple dinner and watched our Detroit Red Wings make NHL history. After My Sweetie had gone to bed, and just before midnight, I had one last great thing: The Cranberries performed a new song from their first album in 10 years. I will have to get that CD when it comes out.


So anyway, after 11 days of pain, gloom, irritation and sometimes exasperation, I had a really great day. And I will savor it for quite some time.


haphazardlife said...

Wow, your looks have really changed since the operation!

And another good thing, tonight we get our drug of choice back!

geewits said...

~~I was going to caption that pic "That is not me."
When I woke up today, I was doing a mental run-through of the day and then went "OOOH!Survivor!" out loud and it made me laugh.

mrwriteon said...

Happy for your good day. Sounds ideal, and you deserved it.

geewits said...

thanks, Ian!

Jocelyn said...

Cripes, but that's a long dreary period to have suffered through. I'm glad it's looking up (more Dos Equis is my recommendation)!