Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Wedding Pics!

Baseball season is finally over. The Rangers lost and it sucked and we didn't even go to the final game because we were exhausted. I kept hearing Danny Glover's voice from the Lethal Weapon movies saying, "I'm getting too old for this shit." Except I've been hearing that in my head all month. What a long and busy month. All the wedding stuff and then all the baseball stuff. Now I have 12 more days before college basketball starts and in my dream world I would spend it lying on the couch.
This was the wedding party:
And since you guys always make fun of my random attempts to blur out My Sweetie (because I'm not allowed to show him here) I decided to replace his head with an image of Cary Grant. Why not? So this is me and "Cary Grant" and the newlyweds:
This next one is my brother, "Cary," my daughter, me, Mom and Lo:

I think of that picture as "My Family." The one below is "My Family" and my daughter's dad's family. I think his wife looks like Katherine Heigl. I had never seen her with blonde hair before, but then again I haven't seen her since 2002.:

I think we lined up better than they did. This last picture is my favorite. I loved my daughter's facebook caption for it -The women that helped put me together that day :)

I hope I get rested up soon from October. I slept 9 hours Sunday night and then spent all of Monday yawning. Maybe I'll go to sleep now for 9 more hours and then take a nice long nap this afternoon. That sounds good.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and sorry 'bout the Rangers...

- jazz

Mr. Jazz said...

Nice pics. Sorry about the Rangers: I guess them Giants were due...

Anonymous said...

I watched a bit of the game on TV. Sorry but it really wasn't the Ranger's year. Great pictures. You look great and it was nice of Cary Grant to accompany you to the wedding.

Carole said...

Hahaha! Love Cary Grant! Totally cracked me up when I saw this today!

All the pictures are great, but I too especially love the bottom one, and the fb caption was perfect!

Hey, the sky just opened up here and it's raining like crazy! Maybe you're still sleeping peacefully through it. Cold November Rain...

Anonymous said...

Cary is looking remarkably well these days.

ticknart said...

The pictures are great and made me feel as squishy/happy. Thanks and best wishes to the newly weds.

geewits said...

~~Thanks and thanks.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Well, it was a fun run.

~~Wasn't our year to win the series, but it was our best year ever. And thank you.

~~I agree!

~~That's sweet. Glad you are back around. I hope your work plans pan out.

Lo said...

I had a great time being there with you. Of course I am still touched that I made the Family picture! How cool! "Cary" is just too funny!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great to see some of the Wedding pictures. And you did a wonderful job on that Bouquet...And on Cary Grants head, too...(lol). Why not?

geewits said...

~~You are a permanent member of my family now, like it or not!