Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unexpected Things

Unexpected Thing #1: My Sweetie actually said I could post this picture of him!
Unexpected Thing #2: The annoying "tune" that my cell phone plays when I have a voice mail woke me up Tuesday morning. When I got up and went to another room to check it, I had 4 calls from a number including the hang up voice mail. The number looked vaguely familiar so I called and got a voice mail from one of my Meals on Wheels client ladies. I waited about 15 minutes longer and tried again and it went to voice mail again. I had called her two Fridays ago because she wasn't home so I knew my number was stored on her inbox. I was afraid something was wrong and called the MOW office to tell them to call her family contact. About an hour later the client lady called me to ask why I had called her. Apparently, her 4 calls to me were what I call "pocket calls." Yeah, it was an annoying way to wake up, but I'm glad she was okay.
Unexpected Thing #3: We updated something on this computer and now everything that was convenient is gone. My Sweetie thinks he can put back the things I want. I hope so. Also I can't copy and paste here on blogger and now the message box that I used to click "yes" on, I now have to click "no." Of course, I keep clicking "yes" and have to start over. Why would they change the wording? Dicks.
Unexpected Thing #4: I had to turn the air conditioner back on today. November 10th. Air conditioner. And it's stilll on. That's just weird. And quite unexpected.


Anonymous said...

Unexpected thing #5 - Who knew the Scarecrow had a cellphone.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and re unexpected thing #3 - it's Blogger, this type of shit is to be expected. Investigate WordPress.

Carole said...

Your sweetie incognito! Yay unexpected thing #1. He makes a really great scarecrow! I know you two must have been "big hits" at the World Series. hee hee

Unexpected thing #4 - I know! I had to turn my AC back on too. The heater had finally kicked on one night (makes a funny smell like ironing the first time) then I had to turn right around and put the AC back on. Oh well, beautiful November so far!

Anonymous said...

Definitely investigate Wordpress as our friend suggests. I've never regretted doing so.

geewits said...

~~Any self-respecting 21st century scarecrow has a cell phone. And a beer.

~~And now the cold front is nice except that it came in exactly during my MOW route.

~~I don't like that you can't click on a picture in wordpress to isolate and enlarge it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That "povket call" thing is really weird! I've had some of those on my Home Phone---someone presses a button that is on their cell phone that is my number, by mistake, and then there is this stupid thing of ME being able to hear them talking to someone with them "in person" and I'm screamming HELLO? HELLO?
Crazy, isn't it?

Fun picture of your Hubby!!