Friday, November 19, 2010

Strange Workings of the Mind

I had never really looked at the Rorschach ink blots before, so I looked them up today and as soon as I saw this one:
I thought of this guy:
I thought: That's the Keep on Truckin' dude dressed up in a fringey leather biker suit coming at me on a motorcycle.
I looked up the info on the card and it is considered a masculine card, so I got that right, but it's also called the "Father Card" so I was way off on that.
I'm really not sure what my impression of that blot says about me. Any ideas?


haphazardlife said...

Well, it's definitely a fat biker guy on a motorcycle - a Hells Angel maybe? Definitely doesn't evoke my dad.

- Jazz

lgsquirrel said...

Probably means that you are a born traveler. A wanderer and discoverer of what lies beyond the next bend or next hill. A free spirit of the open road. There. That'll be 5 cents please.

I thought it looked like a witch doctor. Don't want to know what that means.

Carole said...

I thought the exact same thing as lgsquirrel - you are a traveler! I also get that you are whimsical in nature with a great imagination.

I also saw those same two big feet, only right smack in between those two feet is a dragon's head, as if he's bending almost all the way over looking straight at me with those two eyes. Maybe he's going to charge? I can even see the "dot" in his eyes from the light. :D And His nostrils are flared. His funny little wings are kind of sticking out there at his sides. See him now?

Lo said...

Love the keep on truckin dude! Great mind girl!

geewits said...

~~Glad you could see the motorcycle.

~~For such a homebody, I am a gypsy at heart. I think you figured that out. Witch doctor? Now I'm wondering what that says about you.

~~I see the dragon now that you've pointed it out! So what does that say about you?

~~I can see why you'd like that. ;)

cabcree said...

I saw this a few days back, but didn't respond. My first thought was an alien. I think I watch too much scifi. :)

Mr. Jazz said...

I love Robert Crumb's work!