Monday, August 17, 2009

Post Trip Sluggies

This is me:

I don't know if I am just having a hard time getting back into my groove since the trip or if I'm in the throes of my normal August Lazies or it's a combination of both, but I am one giant potato. Well not too lazy to make a really long sentence, obviously. Or maybe making really long sentences is a sign of the lazy?
We took so many gorgeous mountain pictures that I want to make a slide show, but that would require doing stuff. I also have a theory that oceans and mountains are never really done justice in 2D. But I'm still going to do it. Some time. Later.
I got home around 5:00 I think on Wednesday and spent the evening watching some of the recorded shows on the DVR with My Sweetie. And we ordered Italian food from Tony's. Thursday, I actually unpacked my suitcase and did some laundry, which is pretty good for me so I thought I was being all snappy and quick. Friday the phone rang and it was the termite pest control guy asking if he could come earlier for the house inspection. I said, "To be honest I forgot all about you and I've been out of town and my house is a mess, but come on." Then I continued watching TV until he got here. I don't know if I did anything after that. Saturday I finally got around to The Green Bag.
Last Christmas, a good friend gave me this giant chartreuse beach bag with lots of side pockets and zippers and whatnot and so I found a place to hide it. I really hate chartreuse. As I was getting ready for the trip I realized I needed a really good bag to carry all my "must haves" and "cool stuff" and "what ifs" and after thinking long and hard, I realized that green bag was my best bet. Besides, it would be really easy to see in the tightly packed car. It was GREAT for the trip but I dreaded unpacking it.
After working it around in my head I finally decided to get a trash bag and sit down on the floor next to it (it was on the library floor). I started placing items all around me by room or putting them in the trash bag. After organizing it that way, I finally got it emptied and then had to do all the room trips to put the stuff away. It was a really big bag and the variety of stuff in there was crazy. I think I should call her and thank her for that bag.
Mostly I've been reading newspapers and magazines and watching TV because I didn't really do any of that for a week and I missed it a lot. But it seems like I've spent most of time in the kitchen. People always tease me about taking vacations because I don't work, but I really do spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I even made a cilantro/candied jalapeno pesto Saturday night for my quesadillas. It was delicious and they were delicious.
Tonight I'm going to make something easy. And we're almost caught up with our recorded shows so hopefully I'll get back into my groove. Or maybe I am in the throes of my August Lazies. I guess I'll find out.


XUP said...

I agree about the photos. Things that look so spectacular in real life usually just end up looking like nothing in a photo. That's why they always tell you in photo class, to put a person in the foreground of scenery photos to give them some focus. Or you have to be a National Geographic photographer -- they seem to be able to make it work

mrwriteon said...

August Lazies are real and not to be trifled with. I also agree with the previous comment and that is that any photo to be effective should have people in it.

geewits said...

~~I took a lot of the scenery pics as we zoomed along the Blue Ridge Parway, so there was no chance of putting anyone in them. I'm hoping they'll look good in a slide show.

~~I'm glad someone else understands the August Lazies. See comment to Xup re: people in the photos.

Scarlet said...

I hear you with the August lazies theory. I feel the same way and have felt this way long before my trip. I need to get in the groove quickly...and some of that pesto with cilantro and jalapenos may be just the trick to kick me into gear.

I want to hear all about your I'll head on down to your previous post and read all about it!

geewits said...

~~That pesto was awesome. I spread a layer on the tortilla before I added the cheese bacon and green chilis. It was messy but tasty as hell.

Carole said...

Seems to me the longer the trip, the longer it takes to get back in the groove.

geewits said...


Jazz said...

My August lazies seem to start in May and end in... well April.

Indulge as long as you can!

geewits said...

~~You're funny.