Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Next Project

I bought the stuff today for what I am calling my "belt purse."

As you all know, I am dressing as Dorothy Gale from Kansas for Halloween. I ordered the dress and it fit perfectly which is really bizarre and I love love love my "ruby" slippers and all that, but the problem was: Where do I put my stuff? And before you even think about a cute wicker basket or a cute wicker basket with a stuffed Toto dog sticking out, I need to remind you that I am not going to a genteel party at my husband's boss's house. In which case, I would do that whole route. I am talking here about drunken revelry on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. A beer in one hand. I need a free hand in case I fall down. Or want to point at something or whatever. Besides, when I'm in a party crowd situation I want my stuff attached to me. Usually I stuff the important stuff in my pockets, but this dress has no pockets. Notice the two buttons on the front of the sash? Well I am going to make an extra sash with a little pocket belt purse thingy like this:

I'm going to make button holes to fit over the existing dress buttons so it doesn't slide around and I am going to make the sides triangular. I figured a flat pocket would get weird and bulky, but with triangular sides it will have a sort of bottom. There will not be piping around the flap. I just drew it that way so you'd see that there will be a flap and button. The material I bought is the exact gingham pattern although the color seems off just a hair, but it will be nighttime and people will all be wearing their beer goggles, so the pocket should pretty much blend in with the dress.
Because gingham is a very thin material, I bought that muslin to line the sash and purse pocket with. Dang. I couldn't figure out how to make that sentence without ending it in a preposition. How about: I bought that muslin for lining the purse pocket. Anyway, I don't have a pattern or anything, just my idea in my brain, so I'm thinking I will lay out all the stuff I would want to put in there like camera, money, room key, credit card, driver's license, carmex, smokes and lighter. That should give me an idea of what size I need. I guess the other consideration is that it should not be any longer or deeper or whatever than my hand can reach. I just now thought of that. I don't want to look weird all night like I'm leaning over and grabbing my thigh.
So that's what I'll be working on in the next few days and when I am finished, I'll put it all together and have pictures here. I hope it works.


Jazz said...

Of course it'll work. You're brilliant that way. I'd never have thought of that - but then I'm not brilliant that way.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You are truly AMAZING! You can do anything! I so look forward to seeing the finished product! Much good luck with it!

Mr. Jazz said...

It couldn't not work: you have an incredibly efficient brain. Speaking of which, you should come here and take care of all the repairs needed on our streets, buildings, bridges, etc...
Can't wait to see Dorothy Gale, Texas style.

Carole said...

The way time flies, Halloween is just around the corner! I really like your illustration. Very...illustrative! :-)

"people will all be wearing their beer goggles, so the pocket should pretty much blend in with the dress." Hahahaha!

Scarlet said...

I can't get over your creativity and imagination when it comes to EVERYTHING! You should market your ideas. Seriously!

I can't wait to see what your belt purse will look like.

geewits said...

~~You'd have thought of it if you really needed somewhere to put your stuff.

~~You make me laugh! Now I just hope this thing will work.

Mr. Jazz,
~~That doesn't sound like much fun. Besides, I am very lazy.

~~I think it's about 70 days away. You should run down on Halloween and help My Sweetie set up the ghoul.

~~Well it's just a take-off of a fanny pack, really. Besides, I'm too lazy to sell my ideas.

Lolo said...

You are too damn cool! I still need to try mine on... this weekend I WILL do it!

geewits said...

Lolo: Do it!