Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Mad Natter

I was reading an article about Barbra Streisand the other day and I wanted to look at her house on Google Earth and boy does it give me the heebie jeebs.
It's a gorgeous house and the ocean view must be awesome and I would love to have it anywhere else. But there is no way, and I mean seriously no way ever I could live on a cliff. I don't think I could even sleep there one night knowing that the backyard ends in a giant sheer drop like that. I think if I eventually fell asleep, I would dream I was falling all night.
You know how they have been telling us for several years now how important it is to wash your hands? Well they keep saying that it doesn't matter what type of soap you use (regular or anti-bacterial) or what temperature the water is, but how long you rub your hands together vigorously under the water. So I was wondering if you only have one hand or your hand is bandaged or broken or whatever, does that mean your one good working hand is never really clean?
Today was the first day I have driven since school started back on Monday and man were the roads and freeways clear. Who knew kids took up so much road space?
I am a serious creature of habit and every Wednesday I have to read Craig Wilson's "The Final Word" in The USA Today while I eat lunch. Today he talked about a book called That's So Annoying by Cynthia W. Lett and he cited 6 examples and none of them were even half as bad as people who walk into public doorways and stop or people who get to the bottom of the escalator and stop, but I sure hope those are in the book.
I just realized today that the only picture that I have of Dad and My Sweetie together was one that I took when Dad was visiting in early 1995. He took a bunch of my co-workers and me to lunch and My Sweetie wasn't even My Sweetie then. He was just a work friend that I liked a lot. Well, at least I have that.
If I had to be a hat, I'd be one of the jaunty hats that Rosalind Russell wore in His Girl Friday.
Monday night I dreamed I toured a Jewish college and it seemed very real but I wondered if they even existed and when I woke up I called My Sweetie to ask. They do. According to my dream, they are very nice, but it's hard to find a place to smoke.
For the first time, Carole's and my husband will be out of town at the same time, so we should have some fun girl time together. I'm looking forward to it.
Oh, and my brain is working "normally" again. Can't you tell?


Jazz said...

Yeah, we can tell. Your brain is working in its own mysterious way again. Actually, I'd love to live on the edge of a cliff, I just don't see the point of a house that size though, i find it a little obscene actually.

Calvin said...

Mad Natter. Perfect. :)

mrwriteon said...

The cliff thing. No, I'm like you. I couldn't handle that either.

Scarlet said...

Oh man, I'd risk falling off the cliff to live there...and look at that ocean view! It's beautiful!

I'm trying to think of what really annoys me...drivers that stop when it's green and look both ways before crossing an intersection (although I don't know what kind of trauma or phobias they may I really shouldn't judge).

I'll have to check out that His Girl Friday hat. I've never been a hat girl, but whenever I watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" I want to buy one...and wear a mask! ;)

XUP said...

No way I could live on that cliff. And what about erosion? What if it happens overnight and in the morning half your house is suspended in mid-air? I want that It's So Annoying book. Like one big blog post!

Carole said...

I find it hilarious that you were able to find Barbara Streisand's house on Google Earth!

Yay, girl time! Your soup was stupendous by the way! Yum!

Carole said...

And thanks!

geewits said...

~~But your cliff would be a desert over an ocean, right?

~~Hee hee. Thanks.

~~I get all friggly just looking at the picture.

~~You could definitely sport a hat!

~~So weird you said that. Before I saw that she was an etiquette expert, I thought maybe it was a blog compilation.

~~I had been cruising along the Malibu coastline and had actually given up but and then was just enjoying sightseeing when one of the picture boxes I clicked on actually said, "Barbra Stresand's house." I'm glad you like my soup. See you on Saturday for our "play date."

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I like your many subjects today....I wouldn't mind living in that house, at all! I kind of live on a cliff already, in a have that ocean view---Well, that would sooth any fears I might have!

geewits said...

~~I think Sweetie would get lost in that house!

VioletSky said...

Welcome back.
I like getting a little confused when I read you - keeps me on my toes, so to speak.

But, really, what is the point of having a beachfront propery if the beach is wa-a-ay down a cliff??

geewits said...

~~I'd be happy to confuse you anytime. And I so agree on the beachfront thing. I wonder if you can even smell it from there?