Sunday, July 01, 2012

Typicality of Men

(Before I start my post, the fires are being contained near my daughter's house in Colorado. Although she was packed and prepared, she did not have to evacuate. I'm very proud of how well she held up.)
As to the title of this post, I think it's funny that most Americans think they are unique. You know, it's the whole, Oh, I am not a stereotypical anything! But people generally are.
I am friends with a bunch of guys my age on facebook and I have noticed a trend. And of course I should mention that these particular guys are all around the age of 51. Well, guess what pictures they are all posting? Yep, you guessed it: sports cars. Sports cars they are rebuilding, sports cars they just bought, sports cars they admire, sports cars they are thinking of buying.
I bet money every single one of them, as youths, laughed at middle-aged men and their sports cars. And yet...and yet, here they are doing the same exact thing. I am so glad my husband is not like that. Of course he's got a few years to go to even reach 50. And come to think of it, I'd rather he trade in his car for a flashier model than trade in his wife. But I bet he'll do neither. Fortunately, he really isn't typical.


Anonymous said...

Good news about your daughter and her home. So if it is not flashy cars, what does your husband post on his FB? My idea of a flashy car is a humble Volkswagon Golf Convertible. I think I am a stereotypical eccentric mad scientist.

geewits said...

~~Actually last year he bought his dream car, a Prius. The facebook guys are into the cars they wanted when they were 16. Like the old Fiat, Datsun 280Z, Corvette and Mustang convertible. I don't get it. (He posts about politics and sports mostly. He doesn't post much.)

VioletSky said...

I don't think I know anyone - male or female - whose dream car is a Prius!
When I dream of cars, I go big. A '64 Jag or Studebaker.

Anonymous said...

Actually my dream car is a Prius, but I'm a freak.

Marc is one of those guys who doesn't give a damn about cars so long as they get him from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss. I guess he's a freak too.

We'll see when he turns 51 next year.

Big Brother said...

The thing is guys usually have always wanted cool cars, but when we were young we didn’t have the cash. Then came family and kids (hard to put two kids in car seats in a sports car), so finally it’s only when you reach your 50’s that all the conditions are right. You are usually at the top of your pay scale, you no longer have kids at home so less expenses, so though you are old and grey you finally have the cash to do the things you’ve wanted to do. Mind you I’d rather travel than spend that kind of money on a car. :o)

Ian Lidster said...

A new sportscar is better than a new wife. Unfortunately, I did both. I still have the sportscar and love it. I still have a wife, too, but not the same one that came about the same time as the sportscar.

geewits said...

~~Now you know TWO people. Jaguars are sexy but unreliable.

~~Being a Prius lover doesn't make you a freak, it makes you cool - at least to me.

Big Brother,
~~You sound like a sociology professor and it all makes perfect sense. I get it now. It's sad though, like an unrequited love that took 30 years to fulfill.

~~Yikes! Really? Your first sentence was jarring.

By the way, my dream car is a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud with a British chauffeur.