Monday, July 09, 2012

In Absentia de Posti

I don't know why I haven't been posting, but I have some ideas: 1) Blogger has been really wanky and it was taking me like five steps to get to "new post." 2) Summer here is so hot you kind of have to be really still for long amounts of time or you will die. 3) Going back to Wanky Blogger, it has changed the way it does your pictures and I haven't bothered to figure it out. You know, because it's so hot. But I have been actually doing stuff.
We went to another Texas Rangers baseball game and the beer man set down his beer tray right next to me and walked off:
Apparently this guy was not born with good instincts, because I was so excited by the ice and the beer. I said "ice" first because it was about 1000 degrees hot. I accidentally captured my foot in the photograph and you can see my latest summer cute toesies. I have white asian flowers on my big toes.
I was really proud of myself for not grabbing that stuff. I was also pretty proud of myself for my planning. I took a cute misting bottle. I bought a water, and filled my mister and used the rest to wet a small Texas Rangers towel. It really helped to keep us cool. A fellow fan saw me and said, "Wow! That was smart!"  Besides the tray of beer, I didn't take another pic until we were leaving and looking back:
I've developed a very good habit of going out to water my flowers FIRST THING AFTER WAKING.  In past summers, I always had good intentions with my flowers but.... well I was not very consistent. In my older age wiseage, I realized that the coolest I will be all day is when I first wake up. Yeah, you're thinking after dark but that's when the mosquitoes from hell come out and when you are just one big walking nerve-ending and mosquitoes love you, after dark is not such a good idea.
And my plan has worked for both myself and my flowers. Plus I imagine I am producing much more vitamin D for myself than in summers past. My last pic is a sidewalk shadow picture:
I have randomly taken ground shadow pictures over the years and I really love them, but I've never particularly sought them out. I really should pay more attention.
We have a road trip planned for August. I'm looking forward to visiting my daughter in Colorado. Other than that I will be trying to stay cool and hopefully I will have something to say here. I do like to chabble (chat and babble). Oh and excuse my blatant abuse of pretend foreign languages in my title. Sí?


haphazardlife said...

I'm sure you'll be back and raring to go when the cooler temperatures return.

VioletSky said...

so the heat has warped your language as well?!

I actually like the new blogger for posting photos. it is much easier once you forget about the old way.

texasalarm said...
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geewits said...

~~October is a long time from now.

~~I guess I need to figure it out.