Thursday, May 03, 2012


So my daughter and her husband dropped all their furniture and most other belongings as well as one of their cars off at their place in Colorado and are back here for the month being nomads. They are staying with friends for short stints and so Leaper is staying with me for the month. He's a funny friendly cat and he is highly addicted to catnip. Which no one knew, so now he thinks I'm the cat's pajamas, so to speak.
I've had a pretty lazy afternoon which I spent most of on the phone with Mom. My brother called us "The Girls' Club" last Friday because A) He had no idea what was going on with my daughter except for what he saw on facebook and B) Mom had not told him that she got an all clear at her last bladder screen (she has bladder cancer). So at the end of today's phone call with Mom, I said, "And this concludes this meeting of The Girls' Club." Mom laughed. Maybe I should have recorded the minutes of the meeting to send to my brother.


haphazardlife said...

I miss having cats. so cool turning them on to weed.

mrwriteon said...

Our last cat died two years ago, but the catnip still thrives in a corner of the garden.