Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I had a spectacular vacation. As you can see, my sand sculpture was the best ever and that's because it was a group effort. It's about a 12 foot crocodile (although all the admirers called it an alligator) and we had a blast doing it and loved the responses from people walking on the beach. Our croc actually frightened a few small children. I have bunches of pictures and will probably post them later.
We had a much larger cottage this year and had the most visitors ever. I think there were 12 people there on Sunday (the 20th). The very best thing about this cottage was the built-in bench on the deck which you can see behind me through the window in the top picture. You never had to think about having enough chairs for people.
My friend Lo took a lot of pics of the bunch of us out on the deck on that Sunday but she hasn't sent them to me yet. I can't wait to see those. We had great weather and no neighbors on either side. Yeah, that's bad for the economy but it was great for us. And we were a rambunctious group.
I had so much fun playing games. I learned a new drinking game and it was really funny. I actually laughed so much on several different days that my face hurt. Anyway, I'll have a lot more to say this week about the trip and about how weird and needy Barney has been since we got back. And as much fun as I had, it is always nice to be back home.


Anonymous said...

That croc is awesome, you are such an artist (well you and the group effort people are great artists)

VioletSky said...

I don't think I have ever built anything in sand. seems a bit sad, really. but this must have been so much fun to create.

your holidays always sound such exhaustive fun gatherings!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that croc is professional quality and pretty amazing considering you also played drinking games.

geewits said...

Thanks Jazz!

"Exhaustive fun" That's good VioletSky. How did you go your whole life without building sand things?

LGS, we didn't do them at the same time. :)