Friday, October 28, 2011

Thought Fissures

This may sound odd, but I hardly ever look at myself in the mirror. Often I will leave a public restroom and moments later think, "Damn! I forgot to check my face." Yeah I wear make up on the few days I go out and of course I apply that in front of a mirror but that's close-up work and when I'm done I'm done. And when I do my hair on those days, I'm just looking at my hair. So tonight I caught a glimpse of myself walking by a mirror and it weirded me out. It was a strange blast from the past.
Apparently my last haircut was not new at all, but some old replay. I'm not happy about that. Besides, I think my hair is too long for my age. Or I can just go kinda Katharine Hepburn and wear my hair up all the time. I guess I should figure this out when I'm not so tired.
Oh and today I ordered a "slib of rabs." And then later while we were watching the game, I said something else backwards and My Sweetie asked, "When they took that blood from you today, did they pull out some of your brains?" And by "they" he was not talking about vampires. I had a doctor appointment. It was a kind of head to toe "look see" I guess. He even touched the top of my foot and said my foot circulation was good. Well I could have told him that. Why else would my feet be so freaking hot?
I guess because I turned 50 this year, the doctor has to watch for all sorts of things. And ask me to do strange things, which I don't want to go into. Test things I mean, not strange things with the doctor. And not strange per se, just things I'm not ready to do yet. But he was happy with my general health, blood pressure, lung sounds and whatnot. So maybe I should just keep not looking in the mirror and it will keep me healthy.


Anonymous said...

Your Sweetie is a funny man.

Anonymous said...

We always end up having to do health-related things before we're ready for them. And yes, it is odd to inadvertently catch oneself in a mirror or store window.

Gnightgirl said...

I also have a tendency to slap on the makeup, spray the hair, and call it good, without further reference for the day. I've lately been making, at least, an attempt to "follow up" because a 6 p.m. gander into a mirror or window just isn't what it used to be when I was 28.

Love the slib of rabs.

geewits said...

~~True that!

~~Some people go out of their way to look at themselves. I'm just not one of those people.

~~No kidding. It's like "Whoa! What happened?"