Monday, October 24, 2011

One Tired Puppy

Thursday we went to the Texas State Fair where I think I walked about 18 miles. It was great fun: One of those perfect days where everything falls into place and flows ever so smoothly.

Ha Ha! Look! Fried beer. No I did not try that. For some reason I did not try any of the weird fried concoctions, but My Sweetie loved the fried pumpkin pie, as did my neighbor Carole. (She was the one that told us about it.)


So that was on Thursday. Friday was the usual Meals on Wheels delivery and grocery store trip. Then Saturday was day one of The World Series:

We lost that game and it was horrible but on Sunday we won. We were there for SIX hours on Sunday. And today we go back for game five. It's a very long walk from where we park to the stadium. I feel like I'm some sort of professional marathon walker now. I hope it's another great game. On Tuesday I think I will rest.


VioletSky said...

oh dear lord, fried beer. I saw that immediately.
I wished you'd tried it and given us a full report.

Anonymous said...

How does one fry a liquid?

And more to the point, why?

Mr. Jazz was watching the game yesterday and yelling Go Geewits!

geewits said...

~~For some reason I didn't try any of the weird fried stuff. But fried beer? That sounds particularly ridiculous.

~~Exactly. And tell him "Thanks!" because "go" we did.

Jocelyn said...

I was guessing you had to stay home for five days straight after experiencing the sensory overload of the State Fair...

Carole said...

I did not see the fried beer! Great Fair pictures.