Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wishing and Looking Ahead

Dave, one of my facebook buddies, posted that picture today and it was like salve for my brain. I think we are on 30 days this year of triple digits and 23 days in a row of triple digits with this whole next week expected to be in, guess? Yes! Triple digits! We are stilll not real close to the record year of 1980. I think that was 60 days of triple digits and and 13 days of over 110°. The funny thing about that is that was the year I worked as a groundskeeper at my parents' country club. And I had to wear long pants every day except Monday. I guess when I was nineteen, I was much hardier.
I do have a mental exercise to keep cool. I have booked a trip for October to spend four days with Mom. When I think about the trip I think things like:
1. I bet I'll have to wear jeans
2. I bet I can wear my hair down
3. I may even need a jacket
These are very refreshing thoughts. Just imagining being chilly is nice. In the meantime, I can always look at Dave's picture.


Anonymous said...

That picture makes me shudder in horror. We're never more than a very few months from that type of weather...

Anonymous said...

We have been the opposite this year. Coldest summer I can remember for the west coast. One of the reasons being that the huge high pressure ridge inland (like where you are) is keeping the chilly weather out here. Even LA has rarely risen above 70 F. this summer.

VioletSky said...

We had rain today. It lasted all of 30 seconds and barely dampened the ground. It is still too bloody hot.
I want a happy medium between the heatwave and the snowstorm.

Carole said...

The forecast here for the week -
Hot...Hotter...Hottest! That pretty much sums it up. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't August usually even hotter than July? Uggh!
Gee, good idea doing the "cool" mental exercises. I'm singing Christmas Carols here at my house.

geewits said...

~~Sorry about that. I was just trying to cool off.

~~Must be nice.

~~That's why real estate is so expensive in the happy medium places.

~~It always seems like August is hotter, but July is actually the hottest.

Carole said...

Gee, oh good! I certainly hope that is the case this year because I'm so ready for even a slight cool down.