Monday, July 11, 2011

The Help

I read The Help recently and found it very interesting. It is set in Mississippi in the early 60's and explores the relationships between white families and their black maids. We had a black maid named Bessie in the mid 60's. She took care of me while my mother slept because my mother worked nights. I think she also cleaned and prepared lunch and dinner. I have very few memories of her because I was a toddler. But I do remember sitting with her on the front porch. Bessie was eating lettuce. She would shake salt between each bite from the lettuce leaf. I remember that I asked her why she was salting the lettuce and she said it tasted good. I asked to try it, and I liked it. That's my only real memory of her. I guess my mother moved to the day shift and I was put in daycare. Plus we moved across town.
For Mother's Day, one of the gifts I got from my daughter was a coupon good for "A Movie Night Out." So last week, I gave my daughter the book and said, "Read this book and then I am cashing in my coupon for the movie night on August 15th for the movie." The movie opens August 12th and her husband is going to be out of town then anyway, so I figured that's a good time to go. I hope they do a good job with the movie. I'm looking forward to it. And also to a fun night out with my daughter.


Anonymous said...

God, I haven't been to a movie in forever! I really need to get out more.

Mr. Jazz said...

I second that :-) And I hope you enjoy every minute of your upcoming movie night.

geewits said...

~~There are some good ones every once in a while.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Take your lady out for a movie night!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I read "The Help" and found it rather disapponting---it seemed to me this writer missed the mark, especially the ending---and it was kind of a 'white woman's; view of the problem---STILL!
I hooe the film gets it right! I won't be able to see it for many months---I have to wait for the DVD...But, it has a wonderful cast.

Anonymous said...

I love this quote (wish I remembered who said it)..."Never judge a book by it's movie". :) Sometimes if I watch the movie far enough away from when I read the book I'm not judging it as harshly. Otherwise I'm sitting there saying all what's different. ha, ha.