Tuesday, May 03, 2011

(Still) Not Like Other People

That's the picture my best friend took when I parted ways with her and her friend that Thursday night in New York. I don't care for sweets. My friend posted that pic on her facebook and women wrote things like, "I want one of everything!" and "That's making me so hungry!
Ewwww! Not only does nothing in that picture make me hungry in the least, but I find most of it repulsive. I studied the picture to see if I could find anything at all that I could eat and finally noticed the kiwi slices at the bottom. I could eat those. And I love strawberries, but upon close inspection the strawberries, as well as the other fruit all seem to be covered in some sort of sugary syrupy something. What a waste. But I could eat the kiwi slices.


Carole said...

When I saw this picture on fb, I thought two things. First, that you did not take this picture and would not be interested in this stuff at all. I know your repulsion of very sweet things. Secondly, I was one of those that thought - I want one of everything! You know how much I love sweets. I'm pretty sure those fruit tarts on the middle shelf are dusted with powdered sugar, and the fruit tarts on the bottom are probably placed on top of a creme brulee filling. But it's really the cannolis that caught my eye, and chocolate covered cannolis...YUM! Next time I get to NYC, I'll have to find a great bakery!

Jocelyn said...

I am envious, as one of the plagues of my life is my love of sweet stuff. The good news of getting older is that my tastes are trending more towards quality sweet stuff--so I can bypass premade, dry, junky sweets now.

Lucky you, chica!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I went back and read all about your Birthday Trip---And--A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY DEAR....It looks like you had a very good trip all around and a GREAT 50th Birthday!
Pretty Pretty Easter Eggs, too....Very Colorful and I love all the Pastel Colors!

You are lucky you don't like Sweets---Almost anything chocolate speaks to me loud and clear--Though, not much else in the "sweet" department! (lol)

emerrube said...

none of those treats appeal to me, but I do like sweets. just depends what it is.

Pearl said...

Mmmm. Sweet, salt, I love it all.


haphazardlife said...

I wouldn't mind one of those chocolate thingies...

Lo said...

HA! That's my girl!!!

Gnightgirl said...

Now. If that case were full of, say, cheese and olives...I'd take a brick of brie, some cheddar, gorgonzola, and bleu-cheese stuffed olives. To start.

But I'm with you, not even tempted by this showcase.

geewits said...

~~This one was in Little Italy. I'm sure I could find out the name of it.

~~I get that. Very expensive white chocolate is pretty good.

~~Thank you. It really was a great birthday.

~~You like sweets but none of those. Now I am curious.

~~That can't be good!

~~Cocolate thingie. hee hee


~~Cheese, olives, mmmmmmmm. I just had some of both on my salad. And a good salami will make my mouth water, too.