Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smart and Stupid

I feel really smart just being in this wonderful beach cottage, but I feel pretty stupid trying to use my daughter's laptop. Laptops? Not really my thing. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore outside? Yeah. That's my thing.


Jocelyn said...

The brevity of this post indicates that you wisely followed your heart.

Anonymous said...

I love my laptop, but I love the sound of waves crashing on the shore more.

- Jazz

VioletSky said...

just let the waves wash over you. metaphorically speaking. and not near the laptop.

Big Brother said...

Humm computer or beach... that’s why the posts so short.

geewits said...

~~That's how I roll!

~~Best background sounds ever!


~~Not having a mouse is making me mildly insane.

Anonymous said...

People keep saying I should get a laptop but, being a) a criminal defence lawyer, and b) disturbingly absent-minded and forgetful, it is probably not a good idea for me to carry around something so easily stolen when I work in a building full of criminals! :)

emerrube said...

I love the sound of water...anywhere. crashing waves, the ocean, streams, it! hope you had a fun and relaxing time!