Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Ready for the Birthday trip

It was weird seeing a week's worth of my vitamins and supplements all together. I was thinking, Man! That's a LOT of stuff! I don't really want to open a debate here about supplements. I don't take anything weird and every thing I take is for a particular purpose. I've gone a few days without before and I can feel a difference. My mom thinks the supplements and laughing all the time are what keep me alive and healthy, because I have very bad habits with all the beer and cigarettes and weird sleep schedules and whatnot.

And besides, this post is not about which supplements I take, it's about getting ready for my trip. The reason I did the supplements already was to see if I needed to get any more while I am out later today. Ideally I want to do anything I need to do that requires leaving the house today because I want Saturday to be an IN day. I will have eight OUT days in a row and that's really pushing my limit. I imagine when I get back I won't leave the house until MOW day.


I've made a nice quick reference guide of every place I want to go with addresses. And I wrote it on orange paper so it will be easy to find. I've already put a few things in my backpack like binoculars and camera battery charger. And made a list of everything that goes in the backpack. I still have a few little area maps to print, but I think I'm ready to pack on Saturday.


I think I decided to do New York for my 50th birthday about two years ago. And now it's just days away. Time is funny like that. But after two years of waiting, I am ready to go.


emerrube said...

time is funny like that. :) you'll have a blast!

haphazardlife said...

After you, New York will never be the same!

- Jazz

mrwriteon said...

Have a great Big Apple trip. I know you will. On your other topic, you know other than Vitamin C when I had a cold, I've never taken a vitamin in my life, for whatever reason.

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