Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Baseball Game

Last Thursday we went to a Texas Rangers baseball game. It was a work event sponsored by one of My Sweetie's company's vendors, so everything was very nice. We had a suite and parking passes. On the way there I had a good view of the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium:
According to Wikipedia:
  • The stadium seats 80,000, making it the 3rd largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity.
  • The stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world.
  • It has the world's largest column-free interior.
  • It has the largest high definition video screen

And that all makes sense for a Texas thing I guess. If we ever get free vendor tickets we will go. Otherwise, ....not so much.

Anyway the baseball stadium suite was very nice. This is a view from the suite looking out over our outdoor seating area:

That guy on the far left was a really good-looking New Yorker that I called "The Missing Baldwin Brother." He said he gets that alot. He was one of the vendors throwing the party.
This was the view of the field from the seating area:

And they had way too much food:

That wasn't even all of it and that's after the poor lady in charge of our suite had just taken out one of the chafing dishes (to the right of the mustard) to make room for a whole new dish of blueberry cobbler. I felt bad for her because my best friend used to do suite service at a ballpark and she always hated when the people ordered more food than there were surface areas. So I told those vendors to leave her a nice tip.
That takes care of the photo part but what this post was really about was the difference in myself since the last time. In May 2006 we also did a work/suite/baseball game and I was so nervous it was ridiculous. I looked back through my blog and saw that I didn't even post about it. This time I was relaxed and comfortable. I had fun. I was in the moment. I walked away from that game feeling very good. I think I'm ready for this wedding thing now.


Jazz said...

Looks like a fun thing to do, and you had fun doing it.

The wedding will be a piece of cake. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Yup, you sure live the life of Reilly there with your stadium suites and chafing dishes and full bottles of premium ketchup. When I go to a baseball game I have to bring my own lawn chair and hope to find a bit of shade to park it in. Of course that's little league and I only have to do it when we visit the nephews.

geewits said...

~~Thanks! I hope so.

~~And you don't have to be around vice presidents of companies, or maybe there are some there!

Ily said...

The wedding?? I'm sure I missed something here. I don't come around that often, but please fill me in.

PS - I would've liked to have seen a pic of the missing Baldwin brother. Those guys are adorable!

geewits said...

~~My daughter is getting married on October 10th. We're keeping it relatively simple but there are still many things to do.

That guy looked like a young Alec Baldwin. Very nice!

Carole said...

Ahhh, so that's what a suite looks like. Great pictures! The game looks pretty busy in the outside seats too given the high temps here. I guess sports breed die hard fans. Looking forward to the wedding! I think it will be lots of fun! You will do mahvelous dahling! :D

Ily said...

October 10th is my niece and father's birthday...a wonderful day to celebrate a wedding! Congratulations to your daughter on her engagement!

geewits said...

~~You've been a great help. A GREAT help. Thanks for making it easier.

~~Well this year it's 10/10/10. My daughter thought that was "cool" or something. I'm glad it's your father's birthday - that makes it seem like a good omen.

Lolo said...

You ROCK. Just had to say.