Monday, October 18, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

That's me showing off my tickets to Saturday's American League Championship Series game: Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees. The whole metroplex has baseball fever. The Rangers have never in their history made it this far. It has been very exciting. We did have to park 10 billion miles away, but I can always use the exercise.
Above is our view from just behind third base. We had great seats. That's our team's dugout over there and with my binoculars I could see individual faces clearly. Plus the location was great for beer, food, bathrooms, even smoking. Everything was close by and I never even had to wait in line at the bathroom. And that was with a packed stadium.

I loved how everywhere you looked in the stands it was a sea of red, white and blue. It was very pretty, like it had been done on purpose. The guys to our right and in front of us were a group and we thought they were going to be an annoying bunch of drunk frat boy types, but they were just happy fans like us. One of them insisted on high fiving us after every good play and even hugged us after we won. Yes, we won! It was one giant crazy celebration.

In the picture above, the game is over and the two teams are doing the handshake thing. That sign the girl is holding says, "Yankee Go Home!" The guy just behind her caught a foul ball earlier. That was the only thing about our great seats - you really had to pay attention to foul balls possibly raining down on your head. Oh and once when I was smoking I noticed these three guys walk by. They stood out and didn't look like your typical Texas Rangers fans. They were very hip in all black and had a bit of swagger. Just after they passed, I recognized one of them and called out, "Bon Jovi!" and the one that looked like Bon Jovi turned and gave me a nice wave. I hear he's a huge Yankees fan. Well his team lost, but he got to see me.


VioletSky said...

The Leafs are 4-0-0.
We've been waiting 40 years for this winning streak.

mrwriteon said...

I so envy people that have nearby access to big league games. The nearest to us is Seattle, so it takes a while to get there.

geewits said...

~~Feels good doesn't it?

~~Then I won't rub it in by saying how close it is. Of course in your case it makes it a special trip like when people in N.C. make a trip to Atlanta to see the braves.

Mel said...

it's fun when your team happily exceeds expectations. and lucky Bon Jovi getting to glimpse you--well, I hope he appreciated his good fortune. ; )

OK--per your hints to me--is he going to RD?

Carole said...

"Bon Jovi!"...too cool for school!

Holding my breath to see what our Texas Rangers do??!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This certainly looks like it was great fun...LOVE the pictures---I feel like I was there with you! And CONGRATS on your team winning!

geewits said...

~~Yes! and Yes! Yeah, they were pretty easy hints.

~~So far so good.

~~Thanks. It was a really fun day.

Mel said...

thanks, geewits! : )